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I find that if I don’t write something down or have a “place” for it to exist, I lose it or forget about it.

Certain items make sense to store in a Google Drive (like recipes, project plans, personal budgets), others are better sited regular file folders (house documents, reference docs), though some are more bite-sized (pick up an HDMI cable, tune up the bike, schedule vet appointment, call Dad back).

When I get an email from someone, it’s usually one of those bite-sized items: “let’s schedule a time to chat?”, “can you give me your thoughts on this newsletter?”…

A green iridescent beetle
A green iridescent beetle
Photo by Stephen Hocking on Unsplash

Reporting bugs should be like writing a recipe. You should tell you what you’re cooking, a list of ingredients you need, easy to follow steps, and what you can expect at the end.

Maybe it’s troubleshooting over Slack or MS Teams, perhaps it’s writing up a formal bug report in JIRA — maybe you’re just in the break-room and want to share a problem you ran into.

Stripe conducted a study in 2018 reporting that ~$300 billion Global GDP was lost from developer inefficiency annually. …

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